Day 21 Monday, August 18, 2013

This past weekend can be summed up with one-word “chill”.  Peyton and I simply enjoyed being home owners for the past couple days, cooking our own food with our own groceries (hand picked groceries, none of this eat what you mom brings home stuff), sitting on our nice brick patio, lounging in front of the T.V. (despite the fact that there are like three channels that work and watching Dr. Oz all day isn’t something I’m too keen to do), and today I even laid out for a while in the sunshine!  There has been no rain this Monday, and I am convinced the sunshine is here to stay.  We keep getting told that we are a couple weeks from amazing weather, which equals an amazing opportunity to go to the beach that is right down the road.  It’s kind of sad that we haven’t had a beach day, or even walked the beach because of the cold dreary weather.

As I was saying, most of this weekend was spent at the new house, and the nights consisted of Peyton and I sitting on my bed with our noses in our Mac’s expanding our knowledge on what makes us curious.  For me, my interest in the ocean was sparked by our oceanography trip out on the boat, and I have been busy researching deep ocean discoveries.  Life in the deep ocean (I’m talking 3000+ meters) is the final frontier on earth, and remains largely undiscovered.  I want to discover it.  They say the extreme conditions in the deep water, where the pressure and extreme cold make life almost impossible, is the closest thing we have to conditions on other planets.  The work they do at the bottom of the ocean, with their robots and manned submarines, is very similar to how they maneuver around places like Mars and the Moon.  This got me thinking about exploring space, which led to more Google and YouTube searches.  Get this, all life as we know it gets its energy from the sun, yet there are thriving ecosystems at the bottom of the sea where light has never touched.  There are creatures that live off water and heat (from the hydrothermal vents) alone, and don’t need photosynthesis or even stomachs for food to survive.  So if it only takes water and heat to create life, shouldn’t life on other planets be possible?  Am I turning into a nerd on this trip?  I suppose it’s a better alternative to constantly living on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and whatever else I was constantly connected to in my pre-world traveller life.

The most exciting thing this weekend was a trip to Glendalough to pick up some flippers and a mask and snorkel for my trip tomorrow morning.  I had searched on Gum Tree (an Australian equivalent to Craigslist) for a cheap set of flippers and found a great set for $30.  The only catch is that I had to meet the guy in his area, which was a train ride to Perth, and then a train ride to Glendalough away.  So Peyton and I made a day out of it on Sunday, and after making the purchase we walked around North Bridge.  While we were there we stopped at a really cool restaurant and Peyton ordered a single $6 taco and I ordered $6.50 guacamole and chips.  You should have seen the looks on our faces when Peyton’s miniature taco that was about ½ the size of his palm was delivered to our table.  Money doesn’t go far in Perth.


Tomorrow we wake up at the crack of dawn to depart for Coral Bay and the Ningaloo Reef.  The drive is 15 hours total straight north, and we are doing the first ten tomorrow before stopping in Carnarvon to sleep at a hotel.  We travel another five the following day before reaching our destination.

I don’t know the exact details on the trip other than it is ten days long and we will be in the water basically the entire time seeing some of the most amazing things.  We were told that Internet is a little scarce up north, so this may be my last blog post for a while.  Expect a massive post with tons of juicy details after this once in a lifetime trip to Ningaloo.

If Internet is accessible, expect some updates!


7 responses to “Day 21 Monday, August 18, 2013

  1. Kathy Johnson

    Tyler! Loved your latest news. I am excited that my son become fascinated with the ocean. You are teaching me so much already! Can’t wait to hear about Ningalo!

  2. John Johnson

    Great to talk today and then to read your blog made it even better! I’m sure mom will have no problem letting you food shop with her and pick out your own supplies when you get home-haha. Enjoy the Ningaloo experience and avoid the sharks.

  3. Auntie Ruthie

    wow, Tyler…what an experience or should I say “experiences” you’re having in just a little over 2 weeks. You will have stories to tell next time our families finally get together. such fun hearing about your life across the world! Keep it coming’ Auntie Ruthie and the fam.

  4. Tyler- enjoying the blog and hearing you meander through all of the tough things in adult life (food prep, money, alcohol tolerance…). After a $6 mini-taco you will be able to make it anywhere! Keep up the good work and I’m glad you are having fun!

  5. Tracey Schaphorst

    Love reading about your adventures Tyler! What an amazing experience. You are learning so much! Remember stay away from boxed wine!

  6. Tracey Schaphorst

    Hey Tyler,

    Saw your pics from the reef! Wow! Amazing! You are one lucky guy! Just wanted to let you know Drake played his first matches today at #5 varsity. He won both against Mt Michael. I definitely saw improvement in his game. You are a wonderful teacher! Thanks for all your help this summer. It is fun to watch him play! Enjoy the rest of your time down under!


  7. Nathan Preheim

    Good stuff buddy. Am watching and reading from afar. Enjoy Thailand!

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