Day 8 Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Class was at 9:30 with Kate.  She is Paul’s wife as well as our Conservation Biology professor.  Class was fun, as we bounced from classroom to coffee shop to outside to the CIEE room.  For three hours we discussed the class expectations and the first lecture.  We are assigned a reflection from each class that will end up being a journal that we turn in for a large portion of our grade. 

            After class Peyton and I headed back for lunch at Zed’s Fish and Chips, which we were sad to discover was closed.  Moving on to the next option we headed a little bit further down the road to a café where I ordered a plate of pasta because I noticed the owner was Italian (and because it was the cheapest thing on the menu at $12).  There are hardly any restaurants here with wait staff like in America, because there is no tipping.  You order at the counter and wait at your table till the food is brought to you.  Spaghetti ended up being a good choice!

            After a little down time Peyton and I headed to downtown Freo to walk around.  We met Sam there in-between one of his classes and he suggested a famous brewery/bar/restaurant on the harbor that boasts one of the top 100 beers in the world, the Little Creatures Pale Ale.  Of course that was our next stop, and the next hour or so found us enjoying a view of the boats with a world-class brew in our hands.

            The docks walked and the streets strolled, we headed back to the house for a relaxing evening while the girls went out to a party.  


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