Day 7 Monday, August 5, 2013

This was our first completely free day, so of course we were completely busy the entire day.  Peyton and I headed into Freo first thing in the morning.  We stopped for breakfast at a café.  There are so many that are so similar I forgot the name, but it was very good.  It is impossible to have a meal here for under $10 which is really hurting the wallet.  After breakfast we searched and searched for the post office so we could get our proof of age cards so we wouldn’t have to keep lugging our passports around to the bars.  We must have asked for directions five times and walked nearly the whole downtown area before finally finding the place.  $25, a passport and credit card scan later we had successfully ordered our cards.  The next order of business was getting a phone plan.  After scavenging the town once more for a stand that could unlock my iPhone so I could get a new sim card, we discovered it would cost $80.  So instead of wasting all that money I went to the Telstra store and purchased their cheapest phone and cheapest plan.  Now I will be able to text and call basically as much as I need to within Australia, and all usage after 6pm is free.  All incoming calls and texts are free as well.  So I’m slowly getting integrated to life here in WA.

            We headed back to the house to relax for a while before meeting up with my friend Sam at The Orient Bar.  I met Sam at Doane.  He is Australian and had come to Doane for a semester to play baseball.  He lives in Perth but takes the train to Fremantle every day where he studies at Notre Dame.  It was great to catch up with him, and he filled us in on the fun things to do in the area.  He will be a great connection as I try to get integrated into the culture. 

            From the bar we took a bus to the girl’s house, and from there we took a bus to Murdoch University for Monday night ultimate frisbee.  Some guys we met at the campus Tavern the previous Thursday had invited us, and of course we showed up an hour late because we could not find the field (which ended up being about 50 feet from the bus stop or about 15 meters as I should say here).  It was good fun even though it was rainy and slippery and Peyton took a frisbee to the lip.  We even got invited to an awesome music festival in September by one of the guys.

            After another big day we were ready for bed knowing Tuesday would be our first day of class at Murdoch.


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