Day 5 Saturday, August 3, 2013

Breakfast was self serve, and by nine we were off on a four-hour hike to Monkey Rock, the highest point in the area with too good to be true views.  Along the way, Ilya (our tour guide and the builder of our house) told us all about the land and different vegetation and animals.  This mountain man had a mountain of knowledge.


After a lunch of leftover steak from the night before we hopped in the van and took a 45-minute drive to the Valley of the Giants for a treetop walk amongst the enormous red Tingle trees.  These monsters resembled the redwoods of California.  It was a great experience to walk on a bridge near the tops of the trees and get a sense of just how high they reach.


Group inside Tingle tree

On the way back we stopped at a surfer beach and walked around to get a last look at the South Ocean.

Group pic South Ocean



The rest of the evening consisted of conversation, more chess, and a game of Australian style Pictionary.  At night we ventured out to waters edge in the cove and sat in the sand and did some stargazing.  There was minimal light pollution and we were able to observe a set of stars that none of us had scene before.  We were shocked at the brightness and clarity of stars as there was not a cloud in the sky.  We could see the Milky Way and even a black ring in the sky, as well as countless shooting stars.  This led to talk of outer space, which led to talk of other mind-blowing things, and we ended up sitting there for a couple hours lost in interesting conversation.  I always appreciate some intelligent conversation.  We all headed to bed that night with crazy thoughts in our heads.  We all agreed it was a great night.


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