Day 3 Thursday, August 1, 2013

In the morning Peyton and I walked up the street to the bakery where I got a coffee and a bacon and egg sandwich.  The lady could tell I was American just by the way that I ordered.  By 9:30 Paul picked us up with the girls and we headed into Freo, downtown Fremantle.  We had breakfast at an awesome place called Moore & Moore.  The coffee here isn’t filtered, rather espresso and a little bit of milk because it’s stronger. 

            We walked around town and got a feel for the shops.  We figured out where the cell phone store was and what we will need, and also where we can get our over 18 ID’s.  We will get both of those things on Monday, our first free day. 

            After exploring the beautiful port town we headed to Curtin University Sustainability Policy headquarters where we met our Sustainability professors Anne and Talia and a lot of other passionate people.  CUSP is where we will be doing some studying, but mainly a place for graduate students to work and discuss sustainable projects.  We sat in on a discussion about wind turbines bringing renewable energy to Fremantle, and saw first hand how daunting of a task getting a project like that is to get running.

            Next we headed to Murdoch where we met our Marine Biology professor Jennifer.  We discussed the semester and expectations, and then went to the Unicredit spot on campus and created accounts for our time here in Australia.  After snacking on some free sausage sandwiches on the Bush Court (the quad) we headed to the Tavern on campus where we met some Australian students who invited us to play ultimate frisbee on Monday night.  Already getting integrated into the student population!

            We took the bus back to our house where we walked to get groceries for dinner.  From there we walked to the girls house where they prepared the spaghetti and meat sauce and the guys did the dishes.  We headed back for a good nights sleep before our 6:15 departure for Denmark.


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