Day 18 Friday, August 16, 2013

Turning a knob to let up my electronic metal shutters that don’t let sun even think about coming in, I crawled out of bed and zombie shuffled it to the shower where I took my time in the consistently perfect temperature water.  To wake up in a new house that actually felt like home and not a vacation was a great feeling.  Even though this trip has been great so far, I feel like the move to this new house has really lifted my spirits to truly take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity.  We met Jennifer at the train station where we got aboard the 10:15 train to Perth station.  Once there we walked to North Bridge (it’s a North Bridge left, Perth right kind of thing) and entered the WA Museum.  We have one class a day, and this one was at the museum looking at some world-class exhibits.  Tough life.  After all the Aborigines history, stuffed animals and skeletons, stones and minerals, and history of life I could handle we left for a late lunch.  Our group of five snaked our way through the crowded mall to a food court of different ethnic foods.  I chose Indian, and made my best attempt at finishing a plate of three different curries over rice.  After lunch we headed back home to Fremantle.

            Back at the house Peyton and I relaxed.  I caught up on my blog, he caught up with family and friends back home, and we both caught an appetite around six.  Dinner was homemade Penne pasta with Bolognese sauce.  Yes, a homemade meal by yours truly.  It was delicious, and Peyton and I were content to continue relaxing the rest of the night, taking it easy for once on a Friday night.



5 responses to “Day 18 Friday, August 16, 2013

  1. Kathy Johnson

    Tyler! LOVED the blog! GREAT job and great details! Is it still raining? I am sure the sun will come out soon. I am proud of you. You are doing things that you never would have done….. cooking dinner! drying clothes without a dryer! WOW….LOVE MOM

  2. John Johnson

    So, of all the science you’ve been exposed to so far, what is most interesting/intriguing?

  3. "Great" Aunt Judy

    Tyler – How is it that you can still be standing? Your posts are exhausting to read, but so enjoyable to hear how well you are doing! I would normally tell you to have some fun while you are there, but it seems you have already found a good balance – good job!

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