Day 17 Thursday, August 15, 2013

Once again I’m slacking on the blogging.  So after a four-day break from recording my life, here is my attempt to catch up.

On Monday we had Conservation Biology with Kate.  The classes here are a little bizarre with only the professor and us four students.  They are also three hours of lecturing which can get very long, lets say, especially when there is so much being covered so quickly that your brain struggles to retain any of it.  Both of my professors are emailing me the PowerPoint’s so I can review and also get inspiration for our daily class reflections.  The reflections typically incorporate something learned in class and apply it to the real world with an example from a journal article, news article, YouTube video, or whatever else is on the web.  It’s been raining a lot here, which isn’t normal for such a dry continent, so we have been coming straight home from school and staying in most of the day.  Jennifer (Marine Biology Professor) told us this is the most it’s rained in the month in 50 years.  Just our luck.  Peyton and I chilled all night, looking forward to a big nights sleep with class at 1pm the next day.

We somehow managed to barely get out the door in time for school on Tuesday.  Apparently my body needed a ton of sleep, and it definitely got it.  We had class with Paul, where we went over our interviews with our cultural partners from the previous week. During these interviews we had to discuss each other’s names and how they came to be.  My partner was my friend Sam (my Australian friend I met at Doane).  After class we had a stats refresher course where I was basically reminded on how to use Excel, a program I am definitely familiar with.  After class we headed back to the house to relax for a while before heading to Freo for dinner with the girls.  They chose Mexican Kitchen, and I ordered the Mexi Plate with a beef enchilada, beef taco, rice, beans, and steak taquito.  I’m including the order in this blog because the food was that good, and I munched down every last morsel of the $24 plate.  I still haven’t adjusted to the prices here (that $24 dollar meal doesn’t include the $4 drink and $8 chips), but apparently it isn’t that bad for the locals because there is so much money being made here with the nearby mines and minimum wage of $20/hour.  Perth is going through an absolute economic boom and I have to live amongst the ‘young money’ with my measly American savings account.

Wednesday was Oceanography day, and by 10am we were in Jennifer’s (our Marine Biology professor) stick shift Subaru on the way to the marina to hop on a huge Catamaran boat with some other Uni student’s and head out into the ocean to test a spot where different types of water meet .  The boat was massive, and with a bag of chips with tomato sauce in hand (fries and ketchup), I explored the two levels of the boat which included a dry area with couches and a bar, captains control room, and an upper and lower level outdoor seating area.  We were taught about the different devices on board and how they were to be used and why exactly we were using them.  One instrument measured wind speed, one measured wind direction, one measured salinity and oxygen levels, one measured visibility, one measured temperature, one measured the current direction, and one collected water from deep to compare to water near the surface.  Needless to say it was a science filled day, and most passengers caught a couple z’s on the 30 minutes boat ride back to the dock from the testing spot.  I had Zed’s Fish & Chips for dinner and chilled with Peyton at the house the remainder of the night.  Just kidding, after some food we headed over to Murdoch Uni to hang out with the other CIEE group and their friends in one of their flats.  Many people of many nations came and went from the flat and we all shared drinks and had a great time before heading into downtown Freo for another student night at Newport.  After a long night of dancing and socializing I was happy to meet my bed again.

I vow never to drink boxed wine again, after the headache I woke up with on Thursday morning.  By 1:30 I was packing up all my stuff to move houses.  Peyton and I moved a block down the street to a house where Peyton wouldn’t live in a broom closet, there wouldn’t be standing water in the shower room and toilet room at all times, the shower wouldn’t decide go cold or hot whenever it pleased, the internet would be better, and we would have some more social and cheery housemates.  I never realized how depressing of a setting we were living in until we moved.  The new house turned out to be everything we wanted, with Peyton and I both getting big rooms with big beds and plenty of closet space.  We have a huge, clean bathroom that is dry.  The shower is great and there is even a huge whirlpool tub!  We have the whole upstairs to ourselves, and downstairs is a huge kitchen with a dining room and living room, and best of all a guest toilet.  The move took us out of a dreary situation in the dark old house, and put us into the quality of home we are both used to.  We both agree the move was much needed.  After getting unpacked we took the bus to campus to do laundry for the first time, as we both had to wear repeat clothes.  The washing and drying process took so long that we had time to walk over a mile to the closest grocery store and buy very reasonably priced groceries that will definitely help our budgets in one of the most expensive cities in the world.  When we got back we were surprised to see that the dryer had not completely dried our clothes.  Out of money and patience, and bellies on E, we headed back to the house with damp baskets of laundry.  Peyton rigged a clothesline under our front porch roof with his camping hammock (it had literally been raining four days straight), and I set most of my clothes on the living room floor to dry, only hanging my most damp articles on the clothesline.  We cooked ourselves a couple frozen pizzas and relaxed the rest of the night.  Life is good in the new house.

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One response to “Day 17 Thursday, August 15, 2013

  1. John Johnson

    Now he grocery shops and he does laundry! This is exciting. Looks like you are getting a crash course in budgeting, too. I am surprised by the poor conditions of your first house…and you never had one complaint. Glad to hear things are better now. Great post.

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