Day 1 Monday, July 29, 2013

I checked in and walked to the security checkpoint with my Dad where we said our goodbyes at 4:45pm and by 6:15 my plane was taking off from the Omaha airport for Dallas.  I got off the plane in Dallas around 8pm and went to PizzaVino in the D terminal.  The pizza there was really good, Neapolitan style.  I researched Fremantle (the town where I will be staying a majority of the time) while I was passing time in the restaurant and found some interesting stuff.

  • The average high temperature in Fremantle while I’m here is 65 degrees Fahrenheit
  • During WWII, Fremantle was home to the largest base for Allied subs in the Southern Hemisphere
  • Their government is similar to ours with a Mayor and a council
  • Fremantle is home to the oldest intact building in Western Australia called the Round House.  This eight-cell jail is made of limestone cut out of the cliff right in front of it.
  • I will go to Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute (CUSP) and Murdoch University here in Fremantle
  • Italian, Asian, and seafood are popular
  • Fremantle has a vibrant music scene and home of AC/DC lead singer Bon Scott

By 10pm I was off on the huge Quantas 747 double decker plane and taking off on what I learned was the longest flight in the world, Dallas to Brisbane.



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